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News & Events

RFEL’s Video Stabilisation Technology now available as an off-the-shelf, plug-in solution

15th April 2015

StableEyesHD™ to launch at Counter Terror Expo 2015 on booth M70

RFEL has announced a new, off-the-shelf solution called StableEyesHD™, for real-time, HD video stabilisation.  StableEyesHD uses RFEL’s multi-award winning, HALO™ video processing technology to remove unwanted camera shake and picture rotation to increase the effectiveness of surveillance, security or situational awareness systems.  It is ideal for applications that are subject to movement of the camera or sensor platform, and will be launched with live demonstrations at Counter Terror Expo 2015 on RFEL’s booth number M70.

Versions of StableEyesHD are available for most common video standards and it is simply installed byconnecting between the camera and the display using existing connectors. The simplicity of in-line installation means that it provides an easy way to upgrade existing installations and can just as easily be removed should a downgrade be required. It also fits into new installations and improves detection, recognition and identification performance, and acts to reduce viewer fatigue and false positives.  It is completely self-contained, requiring only a power feed and has a best-in-class, sub-10Watts consumption when at the highest supported input resolution.

Dr Alex Kuhrt, RFEL's CEO, said, "This standalone, plug-and-play design is the simplest and most effective way to enhance a video surveillance system. It is a stabiliser in a box  accepting unsteady video as an input and producing stabilised video as an output in the same video format. The StableEyesHD rugged enclosure is compact, fist-size and has no moving parts to ensure a long working life, even in challenging environments such as pole-, boat- or vehicle-mounted.  Our field-proven HALO technology provides state-of-the-art, low latency high definition video stabilisation but maintains very low power consumption."

StableEyesHD automatically senses and corrects horizontal, vertical and rotational scene movements, which would ordinarily be distracting and tiring for the operator to watch; retaining only local movements that are subsequently more noticeable and can be accurately monitored. The technology is not fooled by mild defocus and works in the presence of rolling shutter effects. Users can selectively program the rate of change of global movement that is corrected to optimise the devices behaviour for the chosen application.

Versions are now available to stabilise the following video formats – HD-SDI and Cameralink Base, priced from less than £4000.  Highly ruggedised or extended environmental range specification variants are available on request.